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Modals for Making Suggestions

Modals can be used to make suggestions.

Let's, Why dont ... , shall (I,we)could, and should are used to make suggestions.

Let's (let us) is used to make a suggest for a group including the speaker. To make it negative just add not.

  • Let's go for a walk in the park.
  • Let's come home early.
  • Let's go watch a movie.
  • Let's not have drinks.

Why don't we/you/I is also used in spoken English to make casual suggestions.

  • Why don't you clean your room?
  • Why don't we go watch a movie?
  • Why don't I take the day off?

Shall is also used to make suggestions. It is used to make a suggestion requesting permission or agreement. Shall is also used in formal situations.

  • Shall I turn off the light?
  • Shall we go to Malinalco and see the ruins?
  • Shall I open the window?

Could with you/we is frequently used to make suggestions. Could shows the suggestion as being an option.

  • You could go watch a movie.
  • We could go for a walk.

Should with you is used to make strong suggestions like advice.

  • You should find out what you missed while you were sick.
  • You should go home early tonight.
  • You should study accounting.